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Sylius x Akeneo Connector

Version: 2.0.0
The Sylius x Akeneo Connector will make it easy for merchants to synchronize the products information from their Akeneo into their Sylius website.

The Sylius x Akeneo Connector will make it easy for you to synchronize the products information from your Akeneo into your Sylius website.

How it works :

The Sylius x Akeneo Connector is a Sylius plugin to be install on your Sylius instance. Once installed and configure through Sylius's admin pannel, it will allow Sylius's platform to connect to the Akeneo instance to get all the product information (categories, attributes, etc.) as it is defined in the import rules.


Akeneo into Sylius illustration


Features included in the connector :

  • Configure akeneo credentials to connect Sylius's instance to the Akeneo API

  • Define all the import rules to get informations from Akeneo on Categories, Families, Product, Product Models and Attributes

  • Refine the criterias for importing product data: level of completeness, last update date, categories to be excluded, etc.

  • Map Akeneo attributes and Sylius attributes

  • Import Categories from Akeneo to Sylius Taxons

  • Import Akeneo's product and product models to Sylius

  • Import Attributes and Attribute options from Akeneo to Sylius

  • Launch imports through CLI or admin panel and the possibility to manage all the imports seperatly


Please note :

The current release of the Akeneo x Sylius Connector is compatible with Akeneo Enterprise however the Assets are not supported yet. 

For any technical queries (feature request, bug report, technical queries, etc.) please create an issue : https://github.com/synolia/SyliusAkeneoPlugin/issues


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