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TESSA - The perfect Digital Asset Management Solution for Akeneo

With this Connector Bundle you seamlessly connect Akeneo with the Digital Asset Management solution "TESSA" (https://www.tessa-dam.com). This provides you with a professional and fully integrated DAM solution for Akeneo to centrally store, manage and use all additional files for your products (e.g. images, videos, documents, etc.) in all channels. This connector is compatible with all Akeneo editions – Enterprise, Community, Growth, Cloud Flexibility and Cloud Serenity.



With this combination of TESSA-DAM (for Digital Asset Management) and Akeneo-PIM (for Product Information Management) it is possible to use both systems independently or integrated. Thus, graphic designers, photographers and agencies can work directly in TESSA (without access to Akeneo) to deliver and prepare image and media data. On the other hand, product managers and marketing managers can work directly in Akeneo and link assets (images, productsheets, manuals and videos) to products with just a few mouse clicks. The benefits of both systems are available to everyone, whether you work in TESSA-DAM, Akeneo-PIM, or both.



As the first provider of a fully integrated Digital Asset Management solution for Akeneo, we have the longest experience in dealing with media and products in the Akeneo area. We use this experience to continuously develop TESSA and the connector. We create solutions to constantly improve your daily work with product and media data and to simplify your daily work with your products.

The integration takes place via a new attribute of the type "TESSA CONNECT" directly in Akeneo. This attribute allows you to create new language- and channel-dependent attributes in your product families and thus link any assets to any product.

In addition, the connector automatically exchanges data between TESSA-DAM and Akeneo-PIM in the background. This means that almost all important information from Akeneo can be used in TESSA-DAM. This includes product data, channel formats and attribute settings. All this is necessary to enable a deep integration of both systems and to optimize the user experience.

Expand your possibilities and features with TESSA DAM for Akeneo PIM

After installing and configuring the connector, you can access all functions of your TESSA directly from Akeneo via the integrated Asset Selection dialog. These include the following functions:

  • Full text search in all assets (even file contents in PDF and Office documents can be searched)
  • Automatic or manual tagging and categorization
  • Filter and sort options according to file types and metadata
  • Workflows and approval processes for assets and versions
  • Team functions such as projects, collections and saved searches
  • Automatic file conversion for any definable output channels (e.g. print or web)
  • Exports for MS Excel, MS PowerPoint and Adobe PDF
  • Commenting and versioning assets
  • Sorting of assets by attribute via drag&drop
  • Integrations for Adobe PhotoshopAdobe InDesignAdobe Illustrator or Lightroom
  • CDN ready for Cloudflare, AWS Cloudfront, Akamai and MS Azure
  • media portals for the targeted distribution of all digital assets linked with product data from pim
  • File upload via drag&drop
  • Fully automated linking of assets and products via rule-based workflows (e.g. based on file name or article number)
  • and much more

TESSA Features

Take a look at our overview of all features of TESSA-DAM on our product website at


Further information

You can find more information on our website or on our Youtube channel.

Contact and Support

Simply contact us to learn more about the integration possibilities and benefits of TESSA. We can also arrange a free web session to show you TESSA live.

Feature list

Latest update: September 16, 2022

PIM EE compatibility with asset manager

General: DAM assets synchronization with PIM assets

  • Configuration: PIM asset families to synchronize
  • Synchronization scheduling system
  • Synchronization error notification system
  • Retrying synchronization after failure

General: DAM assets synchronization with PIM assets

  • DAM assets media URL synchronization (Asset media link)
  • DAM assets metadata synchronization
  • Image media synchronization
  • Image size management
  • PDF media synchronization
  • Youtube media synchronization
    Not available
  • Vimeo media synchronization
    Not available
  • Other media synchronization

PIM Product/asset association management

  • Configuration: PIM product families to associate
    Not available
  • Automatic association via PIM "Product link rule" engine
    Not available
  • Association according to the product locale
  • Association according to the product channel
  • Multi products association
  • "Atmosphere" image management (image synchronization at PIM product model level)

PIM CE/GE compatibility

Media binaries synchronization

  • Capability to manage PIM "File" product attributes
  • Capability to manage PIM "Image" product attributes

Media asset URLs synchronization

  • Capability to synchronize DAM asset media URLs in a PIM product attribute
    Not available

Both ways metadata synchronization

  • PIM product information synchronisation in DAM asset metadata
  • Release notes

    Release Notes TESSA and the Connector

    Download a complete overview of all versions here.


    User guide TESSA and the Connector

    Please see the TESSA with Akeneo user guide here.