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Version: 1.204
The Textmaster extension allows you to translate all your product contents in a large quantity of languages by qualified native speakers and professionals.


With the Textmaster connector, you will be able to translate your product contents to a large quantity of languages with a simple mass edit process.

How it works

The translation request is done by a very simple mass edit process:

  • Select your products in the grid and choose the "translate with Textmaster" mass edit operation.
  • Choose your source language and the many target languages you want translation for.
  • Select your translation options (expertises, translation memory, glossaries, favorite authors, etc.)
  • Send your products to Textmaster in just one click
  • Follow the evolution of your translations directly from the TextMaster dashboard on Akeneo
  • Your products will be automatically updated with the translations within your Akeneo environment

You can have a live demonstration on this short video.


  • Akeneo PIM version : 5.0.x
  • A Textmaster account
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