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TranslateMedia STREAM Connector

Version: 21.1.1
Connect Akeneo to TranslateMedia's STREAM platform to access professional translation services for your brand directly from within Akeneo.

Simple, powerful features

Akeneo users can easily filter, select and send content to STREAM for translation from within Akeneo's product management interface, and see a product's translation status without leaving Akeneo.

Cost approval

Products sent to STREAM are costed for translation and can be routed through a cost approval process for maximum transparency and up to date budgeting information.

High quality translation and service

TranslateMedia works with only the best professional linguists and conducts rigid quality control of every translation project to deliver high quality translations. A dedicated team of professional linguists will work on your translations coordinated by TranslateMedia's expert account and project managers, to ensure that your brand identity resonates with your customers in every market.

Easy tracking

Search for your content using product IDs, categories, or product names and easily track the status of each item’s translations.

Transparent reporting information

STREAM includes a suite of reporting tools allowing you instant access to all your translation costs and other financial information in a single, easy-to-use interface.

No hidden costs or fees

The Akeneo connector is free to use and TranslateMedia charges for content that is translated; there are no project management fees or technology costs.

About TranslateMedia

TranslateMedia is a specialist in translation and cultural adaptation for consumer brands, providing tailored solutions for each client based on its brand personality, business objectives, technical capabilities and budgets.

We work closely with clients to select the right mix of services from copywriting, localisation and transcreation to adaptive neural machine translation – creating custom teams of linguists for specific projects to ensure quality and brand tone-of-voice consistency.

The technology

The Akeneo connector provides an efficient interface between Akeneo and TranslateMedia's translation management platform, STREAM.

The connector is installed quickly and easily, and makes use of Akeneo’s Events and REST APIs to manage content delivery and retrieval with maximum efficiency.

Release notes
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