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Version: 1.0
Uniform for Akeneo lets you quickly connect your Uniform project to your Akeneo PIM and build and launch fast, personalized digital experiences using your product data and assets without a developer.

    Launch fast personalized shopping experiences managed using no-code tools for business users. Unlimited front-end freedom for developers that incorporates marketing content from a headless CMS of your choice & deployed to your preferred CDN/delivery platform.

    Empower business teams

    Give merchandisers and marketers complete control over experience creation. No-code tools make it easy to build compelling omnichannel commerce experiences without requiring developers.

    Composable commerce with Akeneo PIM

    Connect PIM content with marketing content from a headless CMS, leverage customer context from CDPs, and connect the stack to modern front-end tooling and fast edge-based content delivery to serve hyper-contextual shopping experiences in milliseconds around the globe.

    Easy, fast personalization

    Add high-performance personalization to your commerce experiences to improve conversion without slowing page load times. A/B test messaging and analyze effectiveness using your preferred analytics tools.


    1. Uniform account and at least one project created. Start for free here.

    Key capabilities

    1. Bring the product catalog data from Akeneo into your presentation components and build single product display components and product lists.
    2. Ability to connect assets from Akeneo to your presentation components (single or multi-selection).
    3. Mix product data & assets with marketing content from any 15 Headless Content Management Systems Uniform supports.
    4. Personalize and A/B test components that leverage product catalog data and assets from Akeneo.
    5. Accelerate your project with a pre-integrated commerce starter.

    Learn more here.

    Release notes
    Feature List : Akeneo PIM data/properties
    Feature List : Connector/App capabilities
    Feature List : Data synchronization