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Developed by Sitation LLC
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Version history is a powerful tool in Akeneo, and with this extension you can export it into a CSV or XLSX for easy ingestion in external destinations. It includes arguments for times, entity, delimiters, and splitting the output into multiple files.


If you are looking for a way to export the data from a Product's version history outside of Akeneo, this is a quick and easy way to export it.

Release notes

Current version tested with Akeneo 5.0.x, 4.0.x, but it likely works from 3.x forward.



To Install:

Unzip bundle into src directory

Add bundle to config/bundles.php


Run bin/console cache:clear (or partners_clear_cache if on Serenity)

Command should be visible by running bin/console


Help shows the following options:

  sitation:version-history-dump [options] [--] [<filename>]



  filename                               File name for output of version history



      --days=DAYS                        Number of days in the past, defaults to 1 [default: 1]

      --since-date=SINCE-DATE            Supersedes days option, will return all records newer than date provided. Date here must be in Y-m-d, so 2020-12-31 for example

      --batch-size[=BATCH-SIZE]          Purges the versions by batch [default: 1000]

      --delimiter[=DELIMITER]            defaults to |, but can be changed [default: "|"]

      --fieldEnclosure[=FIELDENCLOSURE]  defaults to ', but can be changed [default: "'"]

      --fileType[=FILETYPE]              defaults to CSV, but can be ran as xlsx [default: "CSV"]

      --ObjectType[=OBJECTTYPE]          defaults to no filter, but can be specified to the following:

                                         Channel, Locale, Category, Group, Product, ProductModel, AssociationType, Attribute, AttributeGroup, Family, JobInstance

      --file-length[=FILE-LENGTH]        sets max file length, defaults to 50,000 [default: 50000]