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XTM Connect: Akeneo

Version: 1.0.0
Connecting XTM Cloud with Akeneo enables users to reach global markets faster by centralizing the localization process. Customers can leverage XTM Cloud's intelligent automation and cutting-edge AI to optimize their localization workflows and take control of their global content and localization resources.

XTM Cloud is a cloud-native Translation Management System that enables enterprise-level and rapidly scaling companies to engage with their global markets quickly and effectively. As XTM is a vendor-agnostic localization platform it gives its users the freedom and independence to connect with any language partner or provider and enables companies to consolidate their language and content management activity across regions and business units. By offering intelligent automation and cutting-edge AI customers can automate their linguistic and project management activity, optimize workflows and control spending and resources.


XTM & Akeneo: Product Information when and where you need it

Make content multilingual your way

Translate, localize, update, and publish your content within a single, connected workflow. Benefit from a cloud-based TMS that updates in real-time, retrieves new content, and returns translations to Akeneo. 


Scale customer experiences

Deliver product information and enrich your customer experiences in any language, quicker than ever before. No need to scale teams or effort, just select what you need for each market and channel, and Akeneo and XTM Cloud will do the rest.


Track translation progress in Akeneo

Is this project good to go, or is it still being translated? With XTM Connect - Akeneo you can keep a close eye on translation progress and evaluate when the final version will be ready for publication. Transparency + visibility = productivity



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