How to build an App for Akeneo PIM?

You woke up this morning, got energized with a cup of coffee, and now you stand by your desk ready to develop an App for Akeneo PIM.
Thank you! Let's give you the tools to do so!

What is an App?

It's the best way to connect Akeneo PIM to your third-party solution!

We want to give our users the best experience to connect Akeneo PIM with third parties by providing them with easy-to-connect, configurable & interactive Apps on our App Store.

  • Easy-to-connect thanks to the Akeneo Step-by-step activation process 
  • Compatible with our SaaS offers thanks to the Akeneo API
  • Hosted, sold and owned by the App developer/owner

We want Apps to be:

  • Configurable directly from the Akeneo PIM UI
  • Interactive thanks to actions users will be able to operate from the PIM UI to interact with a connected third-party 

Discover App Store and Apps fundamentals through our Akeneo Academy:

App Store and Apps fundamentals

Why invest in Akeneo Apps?

  • Gain higher visibility for Apps on the Akeneo App Store and within Akeneo PIM
  • Receive greater levels of support from Akeneo 
  • Increase co-marketing opportunities for certified Apps
  • Benefit from all the future features & improvements our Product team will develop in the coming months

How can we help you?

We can provide you with an Akeneo App developer starter kit

My App is finished... how can I publish it?

Congratulations! Your App is done and you want to submit it to Akeneo App Store...

And now, you should be all set...

Looking forward to seeing your App in action! 

The Akeneo Team