How to submit an extension on Akeneo App Store?

Akeneo App Store

Step 1: Log in​ ​to your Akeneo account

Log in to your account

If you do not have any Akeneo account yet, ​please register​:


Step 2: Click on the link ​“​SUBMIT YOUR EXTENSION​” ​at the bottom of Akeneo App Store homepage

Submit your extension

Step 3: Select your extension type (should be an App)

Select your extension type

Step 4: Fill in the extension submission form with the most detailed information possible

Please read carefully our "How to write the Akeneo App Store extension information" guide for this action.

Create extension


Step 5: Submit your extension

Once your extension is submitted, the Akeneo App Store team will monitor your submission as soon as time permits.
If your extension matches with all requirements listed ​here​, you will then get notified by e-mail that your listing page is live on the Akeneo App Store. Otherwise, we will ask you to review the content.

In case you submit an extension on the Akeneo App Store but want to keep it hidden for a while, please contact us by ​e-mail​.

Step 6: Monitor your extension(s)

By clicking on "My extensions" on the top right corner of the Akeneo App Store website, you will find all the listing pages you have submitted and could check what their current status is. You could also edit or hide them as per your convenience.

Monitor your extensionMy extensions

Should any question remains after going through the above documentation, feel free to​ ​contact us​!